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Army worms are destructive pests that consume turf grasses in the greater Atlanta area and also feed on our vegetables and other plants in your yard when food is scarce. They eventually become moths, but it's the worm-like larvae stage that cause the most damage. When large numbers are present in your lawn, armyworms may seem to march side-by-side like an army battalion. Heavy infestations can destroy lawn grasses in just a few days.

What Army Worms Look Like

Army worms aren’t the only larvae you may find living in your lawn. Here’s how to identify them:

  • The caterpillars are light green or tan in their early growth stage and dark green or brown in later stages.
  • Full-grown larvae are 1½ to 2 inches long and almost hairless.
  • They have a series of green, yellow, or brown stripes down the length of their bodies.

Call Maple Leaf Lawn Care right away if your see these worms in your grass. We have specialty insecticides that exterminate and control these very destructive lawn pests. Call today for pricing and details.

army worm control marietta ga

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