Early and Late Grub Control Atlanta GA

Maple Leaf Lawn Care provides quality grub control applications for your lawn, in the communities of Atlanta GA.

Japanese Beetle Control

Mapleleaf has been developing the best grub control programs for the Atlanta market for years. Our experience allows us to select the best applications and sequences of treatment in the greater Atlanta area.

Mapleleaf gets started in early Fall, before temperatures begin to decrease, to go after grubs, and as a result you can help prevent some of the most common lawn problems before they start. Early fall marks a peak feeding time for grubs as they fatten up for winter. Once soil temperatures begin to drop, grubs dig in, heading six or more inches into the ground, where they'll stay resting until Spring temperatures rise.

When they emerge in the Spring, they don't eat much, making Spring grub control less effective. Lawn damage you see in Spring actually occurred the previous fall, which makes Fall control even more important. Stopping grubs in the Fall will dramatically limit lawn damage.

Dethatching and Grub Prevention Atlanta GA

Mapleleaf will dethatch you lawn allowing pesticides to get to them quickly. If you plan to treat for grubs and your lawn has a thatch layer greater than 3/4 of an inch, you might want to dethatch or core aerate prior to treating for grubs. Different grass types should be dethatched at different times of year. We are experts in this area and call us today for details.

Keep a Clean Lawn

Make sure you keep your lawn clean. Remove leaves and debris from you lawn all year.

Pesticides for Grub Control Atlanta GA

Mapleleaf will select the proper pesticides for your particular lawn and infestation. Such pesticides often must be watered in after application; apply at least half an inch of water. Typically this means running a lawn sprinkler for as much as an hour. Use several straight-sided containers to measure and monitor sprinkler output to avoid creating pesticide runoff. If soil is very dry, water the lawn the day prior to our pesticide application to encourage grubs to move toward the soil surface.

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