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Lawn fungal diseases take on a variety of forms, usually its dead-looking brown patches to highly visible spots, threads, rings, or slimes. And once the fungus strikes your yard and grasses, it can be very difficult to treat.

Your lawn is naturally full of fungi and spores, some harmless and some problematic, but the right (or wrong) conditions can cause grass fungus to erupt into a harmful disease. The most common causes of a lawn fungal disease are:

  • Drought
  • Improper mowing (especially mowing too low)
  • Compacted soil
  • Overwatering
  • Too much fertilizer (or using the wrong kind)
  • Wrong grass type for your yard
  • Weather conditions (particularly temperature and humidity)

Our Maple Leaf Lawn Care technicians will start a program to prevent or eradicate lawn fungal disease. At other times nature may deliver a soggy spring or summer heat wave that just can’t be helped. Stressed or unhealthy lawns are much more likely to develop disease; so the better you care for your lawn, the better the grass will be able to handle the natural conditions in your area.

We take the following steps to help take control of fungal diseases in your lawn:

  • Soil PhTest: Conducting a soil test can not only identify nutrient deficiencies that lead to stressed lawns and disease but sometimes can be used to diagnose the disease itself.
  • Aerate: Loosen soil by aerating your lawn every year or two.
  • Top-Dress: Apply and rake in a layer of rich, organic top-dressing to improve the soil, increase drainage, and help combat disease.
  • Dethatch: Remove thick buildups of thatch in your lawn to allow the soil to breathe.
  • Over or under watering can lead to lawn fungus.
  • Grass Type: Rather than fighting nature to have an exotic lawn, our technician will select a grass type that’s suited for your climate, soil, and light conditions.
  • Fertilizing: Both over and under fertilizing can promote some fungal diseases. We will provide organic, slow-release fertilizers for your lawn, and apply as required. We need to avoid excess nitrogen, which creates a fast green lawn with very poor defenses.
  • Watering: Water early in the morning, to allow the grass blades to dry during the day. Give your lawn one inch of water per week, and use a rain gauge to keep track. Water deeply, but less frequently, to encourage stronger roots and to allow the water to absorb properly. Depending on your schedule we may have to install a Sprinkler watering system.

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