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Ants can nest anywhere and enter through the smallest cracks in your Marietta home. Once one ant finds a food source, more are sure to follow thanks to their ability to track each other by scent. They’re very mobile pests; to control them effectively, the whole property must be treated. An ant colony can build and repopulate a new nest very quickly.


Centipedes are attracted to lightly damp shelter, meaning, they’ll live under leaves, mulch, rocks, and wood near you Marietta home. In small numbers, these insect-eaters make great neighbors. In large numbers, they present a slight health risk, as they can bite and administer a light poison. Both the common outdoor centipede, and the so-called “house centipede” can multiply quickly; be sure to clean up potential hovels for these pests.

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Earwigs infest water supplies and septic tanks. Their presence sometimes prevents problems from being discovered in water safety tests. They also destroy all manner of plants including food crops. When the weather is hot and dry, earwigs will seek shelter in your Marietta home and surrounding structures. They will sustain themselves on every kind of vegetable, fruit, or plant matter they can find.

Mapleleaf Lawn and Pest Control specializes in the control, extermination and removal of the many different types of roach infestations in Marietta, GA.

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